Doing Business In Italy

While doing business in Europe it is extremely important to be aware of the cross-culture differences. Bearing in mind the cultural influences of a country are crucial for the success of your business. Are you planning to start out a new venture in Italy? Are you apprehensive about getting along with your clients in Italy?

Well here is a list of things to keep in mind to do business the Italian way:

1.Good manners and politesse are held in high regard in Italy. They prefer to deal with people who are polished but not uptight. So it is important to maintain some distance while having a professional conversation, but at the same time it is vital to be courteous. Too much resistance may be perceived as a sign of snooty or cold behavior.

2.Make sure to shake hands at the commencement and at the end of all rendezvous, this implies for group meetings as well. Italians are warm people; so dont be surprised if the greeting switches from a handshake to an embrace after a while. In fact, treat it as a positive sign; it indicates that their comfort level has gone up.

3.Remember that Italy is one of the most fashionable countries in the world. Home to some of the most coveted fashion labels, this place is about looking stylish and being well-dressed. So unpolished shoes and shabby wrinkled shirts are big no-nos.

4.Italians are relaxed most of the times, however, dont be surprised if your client turns up little late for the meeting. And in case you are running late for the meeting, make sure to give them a heads up.

5.With a slightly unconventional approach to doing business, Italians believe in combining business with pleasure. So inviting your clients for lunch or dinner is a good idea. You can take the consent of your senior client, as to who all should be invited for the meal. And by all means, do not decline any invitations; it is a great chance to network and expand your business.

6.If you happen to have any other clients in Italy, you can use your networking skills to introducing yourself; it builds the trust factor. Also, refrain from fixing any meetings between noon to 2pm, as Italians like enjoying their meal at leisure.

7.While trying to break the ice during the first few minutes of the meeting, take a relaxed approach. Dont just get down to business instead talk about casual stuff like Italian food, culture, etc. When you submit your proposal make sure to give as much information about the company and your services as possible.

8.Give the potential client time to go through the proposal. Stay in touch but dont be too pushy, as that can be viewed as rudeness.

Understanding cross-culture differences will take you a long way in doing business in Italy, and help you and your business expand and succeed tremendously.

So are you ready to do an Italian Job?

The Characteristics Of Business Correspondence Translation

Business correspondence is different from the ordinary means of communication of distinct characteristics, according to conventional wisdom to follow the seven principles (namely, thoughtful, complete, accurate, specific, concise, clear and polite), whose objective is to maintain a good business relationship, effective communication and conduct of normal business dealings. The core of efficiency, economy and simplicity as a concrete manifestation of the efficiency. Lies between the two fundamental Economic and inability to express a clear and efficient, efficiency is the goal, the content is the carrier, the two complement each other, are indispensable.
(A) the stylistic features of
Nida’s dynamic equivalence theory emphasized: the process of reorganization and integration of Information should be considered in the structure of discourse, especially the style. He will be divided into five style categories, both professional and stylistic, formal style, informal style, casual style, intimate style. According to his classification, business correspondence as it involves import and export business, and with banks, customs, transportation, legal and other professional knowledge is inextricably linked to, you can basically attributable to the professional style or formal styl
(B) the linguistic characteristics
Business correspondence in which the three principles of ‘accurate, concise, clear’ are the language requirements, ‘considerate, courteous,’ is the attitude and point of view against the requirements. ‘Integrity’ is the format of the request, while the ‘specific’ is a closed correspondence on the whole content of the overall requirement is to require the words to avoid white elephants, the content can not deviate from the center to express. Business Correspondence involves not only a unique professional background, but also a practical business skills, their linguistic characteristics can be summarized in two: business correspondence involves covering trade, finance, foreign exchange, customs, commodity inspection and many other fields, showing characteristics of a variety of industries Therefore, the selectivity of strong language; the specific mode of thinking of business people, cautious, pay attention to language of the sense of proportion. Embodied in the expression of straightforward, simple and bright, and light on the modification. Standardized terminology, grammatical structured, ordered the sentence in general a fixed and orderly. Discourse coherence, logic, and strong.
Business correspondence translation rather biased towards the ‘practical effect’, its main function is to deliver accurate financial information, rather than in order to achieve aesthetic effects and enjoy the results; according to different purposes, using different means to deal with different content; more stylized, the content does not Allow mistakes. Thus, the translator on the one hand need to understand, familiar with professional jargon, terminology, translation of meaning of the faithful and precise terms; the other hand, as much as possible with the right language, etc., would be relevant information more concise and accurate expression. As the commercial communications related to English and Chinese language translation and application, and the correspondence has its language, grammar, sentence structure, etc. specificity, coupled with cultural differences between Western and other factors, which determines the translation can not be in business correspondence is the absolute right and so on, but a relative and dynamic equivalence. Therefore, the dynamic equivalence theory in business correspondence translation plays an important role.

Associates Of The Academy Of Business Strategy (aabs) Earn While You Learn – The Associate Service

Anyone who is registered as a student on either the Post-Graduate Certified Professional Consultant (CPC) program or on the Post-Graduate Certificate in Career Management Strategy (CCMS) program are eligible to register as an Associate of the Academy of Business Strategy (AABS) if they need or desire to earn income while training.

There is no charge whatsoever for the Associate service. Associate assignments are usually between 6-18 months and are invariably project-related. Remuneration for Associate work is now set by the Academy directly rather than by the client and amounts to $100.00 USD per hour or $800.00 USD per day and you can choose whether to work between three or five days per week, enabling you to have more time to study when necessary.

CPC Associate assignments constitute an interim outsourcing requirement in relation to a CPC service that is currently being implemented with clients. This means that you would be directly responsible to an established CPC or DPC consultant and this subsequently provides students with valuable CPC consulting experience and helps them to shape their own unique consulting service propositions.

CCMS Associate assignments constitute an interim outsourcing requirement in relation to the CCMS student’s short-medium term objectives under their own career development plan. This means that clients will understand that these students are planning parallel careers and are in the process of developing and implementing a proactive career management plan. Consequently such candidates will always be in strong demand from clients who see the Associate database as a unique opportunity to experience working with more proactive individuals in a professional capacity with a view towards ultimately fulfilling a core vacancy. The difference between a peripheral and core vacancy is explained on the Academy of Business Strategy CCMS program web site.

Demand has always outstripped supply with the Associate database because candidates are only eligible to register as an Associate if they are also a registered student with the Academy. The Associate database generates on average 150 opportunities from clients every month and we only invariably have approximately 100 Associates registered at any one time for each program. The employment ratio for Associates of the Academy of Business Strategy has been sustained at 2:1 during the past ten years but has now increased to 3:1 during the past 12 months since the recession as more and more companies are being forced to outsource to independents. This means that out of every four Associates registered, three will ultimately be placed on an Associate assignment.

It does not really matter where you are located at the moment. We have Associates worldwide in most major cities. You just need to decide where you would want your Associate clients to be. If for example you intended to stay in the country where you live at the moment while you are studying, then you can list a major city within easy reach of where you live. This would probably be advisable if you are currently employed because you could remain with your existing employer, register as an Associate at the same time and then hand your notice in with your existing employer once you have secured your first Associate assignment. Alternatively you could list a city where you would like to work, London, New York, Paris, Milan, Tokyo, or Moscow for example. Our clients in these areas would simply be made aware that they may need to sponsor an application for an employment visa if they intended to employ you internally within their organisation. It is also possible to obtain online work while studying as a CPC. Many CPCs and DPCs outsource work to Associates who work from home now and this is an extremely useful way of earning additional income and obtaining valuable consulting experience at the same time, but without the upheaval and associated risk of moving home or leaving your current employment position.

Effective Marketing Techniques To Create Brand Awareness

In todays competitive world, organizations are using innovate and new ideas to stay a step ahead of their competitors. Brand identity, is the way to go ahead, and which helps the organization to establish itself strongly in the market. A brand helps to attract the potential target audience in large numbers. For instance, people all over the world prefer to purchase branded shoes such as Reebok or Nike over other shoes, since they are of high quality and also big brands. Hence, they do not mind paying a higher price for it. However, in order to create a brand, there are many factors which organizations have to carefully analyze and execute in the appropriate direction to gain maximum benefits. The entire process of creating awareness for a particular brand is also commonly referred to as the marketing technique.

Advertising products of various organizations has increased over the years. Advertisements are a great way of creating brand awareness for the potential target audience. While making a quality advertisement, unique ideas and thoughts help to make a particular advertisement popular among the general public. A good and innovate tag line completes the advertising and successfully achieves in creating a brand image and making the public aware of their particular product or service which they offer to their customers.

Logo Merchandise is also popular among the various organizations, as the logos of the respective brands are embedded on the promotional products to gain a higher visibility, which indirectly benefits the respective organization to create awareness about its particular brand.

Promotional products or promo items is one of the most popular techniques and methods to create awareness about a respective brand. Promotional products such as t-shirts, mugs, watches, calendars are distributed free of cost to the potential target audience in order to make them aware of the particular brand. These products are distributed by organizing fun and entertaining games and competitions at shopping malls and other public places, where there is a higher possibility to obtain the respective target audience. These products are distributed as a reward to the participants for participating in the competitions. Organizations have come up with many new and innovative techniques to keep their participants engrossed and entertained through these fun games and competitions.

Apart from these marketing gifts, organizations also take initiatives to provide help and support towards the society. For this purpose they set up public gardens and plant trees which make their organization noticed by the public as an organization which takes measures to fulfill its social responsibility towards the environment and the people living in the society.

Hence, all these techniques, innovative methods and products are used and distributed with great precision so that it gives out the desired results for the branded product, service or organization in the long run.

Crazy Business Ideas

Million Dollar Website
This has to go into the one of the craziest business ideas of all time, the inventor is someone who took time and researched about all available business opportunities but settled for this one. Alex Tew is the person who came up with this ingenious plan and the idea was to come up with websites and sell the pixel of the website for $1 each. The website has a million pixels which would translate to a million dollars. The idea was successful but for those who copied it later was unsuccessful.

Frankfurter Converter
This device was invented to slice hotdogs into eight slices which created an impression of octopus hence the name octodog. The slices made it easier for children to enjoy their favourite meal without having to choke on them as that was the case before. They became popular with the majority therefore increasing sales.

Forehead Advertising
Business ideas get even crazier, as the name suggests it is possible to advertise products on the forehead. The idea was invented by a company known as Headadvertise and before long people were now even tattooing their skins with advert signs which were already paid for.

Santa Mail
This was another crazy idea that turned out to be successful. The man behind this was Byron Reese who applied for a postal address at the North Pole which he used to send letters to Santa. When kids knew that they could now send letters to Santa, they sent him hundreds of thousands of letters and of course he charged for this special service. The good thing about this Santa mail was that no mail was disposed as trash and the kids received a reply from Santa himself.

Two people sat together and camp up with an insane business idea which was to sell designer eye wear specifically for dogs. The question here is why would a dog want an eye wear? Come to think of it many pet owners love their pets as they love their family members and this was a good idea that impressed the pet owners. To their surprise the people who developed this idea were overwhelmed with the number of orders they received from pet owners. In the end it proves that being unique in the business world in likely to win you customers.

Why Android Is A Great Match For Mobile Business Users

The smart phone industry is expanding greatly, and business users are left wondering which smart phones best match their needs. While BlackBerry has been the historic winner, many businesspeople are starting to look much more seriously at Android as a strong contender.

What makes Android so attractive to business users? This can be broken down into a few key areas: flexibility and choice, pricing, apps and software, and business integration.

Flexibility: On the whole, Android presents a lot of flexibility for users – they can choose from a variety of phones, a variety of providers, and an app store that is not heavily regulated (unlike Apple’s App Store). Business users have differing needs depending on their industries, position, and even lifestyle, and Android makes it easier to find a smart phone that’s a perfect match.
Applications: On other mobile operating systems, applications are heavily policed. While this has some advantages in terms of reliability, it also means that one company is choosing exactly what people do and do not want on their mobile phones. It excludes small niche programs designed for specific types of business people from existing – a problem that is rectified on Android. Android’s applications are open to all software developers, which means more innovation for the business user.
Strong web browsing capabilities: Android supports Adobe Flash – a popular way of encoding web pages that the Apple iPhone does not support. In other words, Android users are able to view a number of web pages that iPhone users would not otherwise be able to. This is important when you need one quick piece of information on the go!
Prices are much more competitive: Because Android is available on many different types of phone, there’s much more room for the budget-minded businessperson to find a price that works for them.
Strong Exchange integration: Many businesses use Microsoft Exchange, though mobile support for Exchange is sometimes hit and miss. BlackBerry requires of the installation of their BES server. However, Android integrates with Exchange without any need for add-ons – perfect for easy integration into the business world!

Work at Home Business Ideas – What is Most Suitable for You

There are many work at home business ideas you can pursue. However, not every business model is suitable for everyone. If you choose the wrong business model, it can take a long time before you see any signs of success. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to start off in the right foot and choose a business model that is most suitable for yourself.

Here are a few different business model you can consider.


There are volumes of transactions that take place on Ebay everyday. In other words, people are making tons of money on Ebay everyday. The key here is to find a product that is in demand. Once you know what people are actively buying, all you need to do is to find out places where you can buy the product for cheap and sell it at a higher price. The difference will be your profit.

However, there are many things you need to learn on Ebay. As you business grows, you may need to do a lot of shipping, which can be quite draining. Therefore, you will need to find a way to automate your business.

2)Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great business model for both newcomers and experienced marketers. Basically, you are trying to sell other people’s product for a commission. While it seems to be a simple concept, it is possible to scale it up to a five figure per month business.

What is so great about affiliate marketing is that you only need to build a simple one page website to start making money. Other advantages include not having to handle customer supports and not having to worry about delivery of products. All these hassles are handled by the merchants themselves.

3)Product Creation

Creating product can be more lucrative than affiliate marketing. This is because now, you are in the position to recruit affiliates to promote your product for you. However, this is certainly not for newcomers.

If you are new to the Internet, affiliate marketing is the better route to go. Make Money Online

The very first step to make money online is to create a simple one page website. That’s all you need to start making money online.

Business risk, control and ethics

Starting a business is more than having a good idea about what it should be and obtaining the financing to get it going. Both are a good beginning, but they must be followed with sound business planning for acquiring goods and services and selling the company’s products or services. Part of that planning is identifying the risks involved. Before we discuss the details of the business activities in the chapters to follow, we consider the risks of being in business and how we can minimize the negative consequences of those risks. A risk may be generally defined as anything that exposes us to potential injury or loss. In business risks can turn into significant losses, scandals, or total company failure. There are hundreds of risks that any business faces. Some examples are

?the risk of product failure that might result in the death of consumers ?the risk that someone will steal assets from the company ?the risk that poor-quality inventory will be purchased and sold

Risks relate to all aspects of the business including:

?General strategic risks-for example, should we market our cigarettes to teenagers? ?Operating risks-for example, should we operate without a backup power supply? ?Financial risks-for example, should we borrow the money from the bank or get it from our shareholders? ?Information risks-for example, should we use a manual accounting system?

The potential losses from taking on business risks may be the loss of reputation, loss of customer’s loss of needed information, or loss of assets. All the losses translate in to monetary losses that can put the company at risk for total failure. It is difficult to think of business risk without considering the relationship of risks to ethics. When the risks of business result in losses or legal exposure a, firm’s managers want to minimize the damage to the firm. In such cases, the ethical standards of the firm and its managers become paramount. A manager must always put good ethical behavior above putting a good face on the firm’s financial position or performance.

Failure to do this has resulted n huge losses for employees and investor. A risk is a danger-something that exposes a business to a potential injury or loss. To deal with the risks and increase the chances to reap the rewards, a firm must establish and maintain control over its operations, assets, and information system. A control is an activity performed to minimize or eliminate a risk. As we study the business processes that all will be engaged in during there first year in business, we will look at how he can control the risk involved in each process. offers Financial Accounting Assignment Help

Forum Marketing Strategy Benefits To Online Business Community Veterans

The full advantages of forum marketing strategy are mostly enjoyed by forum veterans. This are people how have over a long period of time gained credibility and positive online image. They are individuals how have proved their savvy by sharing their experience and expertise in a tactful and consistent manner. It is for this reason that forum marketing is considered a crucial long term online marketing arsenal.

What happens mostly is that these forum veterans, with the express permission of business community moderators are allowed to initiate intensive advertising campaigns. Proper forum marketing strategy advocates that, you seize this opportunity to add value to the forum business community. A good approach would be to offer community members special price cuts on products, free sampling of products and services or start fun promotion contests.

When it comes to forum marketing strategy, it is imperative to avoid spamming. Outsourcing for online marketing firms can lead to them using inexperienced staff to send spam to online forums. Therefore, if you have to outsource for this service do your research well and only work with credible organizations with a proven track record.

Some may argue that spamming business communities helps generate traffic. This may be true to some extent but in the long run it will only contribute to you seriously denting your online image thus people shunning your marketing campaigns. It is undeniable that forum marketing strategy is more about building a good online reputation which in turn results to generating free business sales leads.

The best approach to online marketing is building a good online image thus gain credibility. This will sure take time before to begining cashing in but it is worth you effort in the long run. Getting online business sales leads is not a one day affair but a continues process until you become an expert.

To study more insightful forum internet marketing strategies click the links below.

The Advantages Of Kiosks

One smart way to bring in a fresh technical edge to your business, marketing, sales, or client servicing is to start utilising the potential in kiosks. In the modern world, where the market is characterised by competition, increasing options, and freedom of choice, one cannot ignore the vast possibilities and potentials of kiosks. The growth of kiosks has been phenomenal in the last 5 years across the world. While kiosks involve a relatively higher initial investment, it proves to be cost effective within a very short time.

Modern kiosks are computer-programmed interfaces that facilitate interaction with customers resulting in the exchange of goods or information. The customer is normally aware of the product or information he is seeking for. In other cases, kiosks aim at informing the user in minimal time about his options from the kiosk. Hence, it acts not only as a marketing and informative tool but also as the final sales agent.

Kiosks can be popular and advantageous to various businesses on a number of grounds.

Ensures round the clock sales or service
The primary advantage of kiosks is their machine based intelligence’, which nullifies the need for a human’s presence during a transaction or interaction with a client. Hence, kiosks can be functional 24 hours a day, making possibilities of sale round the clock.

Encourages self service
Most customers of modern age prefer choosing, deciding, and transacting privately or on their own, or with minimal interference from sales agents. They prefer to seek technical opinion only when they need it. In such an evolving nature of client base, kiosks prove to be a perfect interface since it is entirely designed on the notion of self service’.

Allows easy maintenance
Kiosks are generally easy to put together or pull apart for maintenance. In the event of a system failure, most companies rely on the sound technical support system provided by the kiosk providers.

Limits functionalities, enhances focus
Owing to limited interaction possibilities in a kiosk, users are focused to a certain family of information, within which, their choices get limited. Hence, kiosks minimises irrelevant demands of customers to a large extent.

Increases market reach
Not only do kiosks work 24 hours a day, they also increase market outreach. Mostly kiosks are designed to be located in public places or targeted areas. This opens up the prospect of having unlimited and a wide variety of users.

Reduces work load
Kiosks effectively do the job of marketing, sales, or public relations personnel. Effectively, they reduce workload and cost of having commensurate number of personnel at late hours and remote locations.

Innovative kiosks and interfaces have a huge impact on the image and goodwill of your business. They become statements of your commitment, research, awareness, and reliability. is one of the leading service providers in the world of kiosks. If you are thinking of installing kiosks or contemplating about changing your existing set of kiosks, remember to visit us. We are one of the most experienced players in designing, installing, and supporting all technical needs for kiosks in the UK. We, at, ensure efficiency, timeliness, technical edge, and professionalism for your business needs. Call us or visit us today for more on kiosks.