Healthy Coffee Usa Mlm Business Review – Scam Or Legitimate Home Business Opportunity

Healthy Coffee USA is well positioned in the market place at the intersection of three Mega-Billion Dollar industries: Cofee, Wellness and Energy Drinks. It has quickly moved into international markets by establishing preliminary marketing offices in more than a dozen countries. So is this new company still in pre launch a scam or a legitimate home business opportunity?

The Company

Healthy Coffee International, INC. is focused on bringing health to the worlds most popular and widely distributed drink, coffee. The founder is Rick Aguiluz, a proven industry leader and trainer of tens of thousands of distributors worldwide. Healthy Coffee USA is the marketing arm of Healthy Coffee International, Inc. and adds the business opportunity component to Healthy Coffee by providing an opportunity for the average person to own a coffee distribution or coffee house business without the big capital and overhead, and be able to market globally via the internet.

The Product Line

The Healthy Coffee USA product line contains 3 healthy coffee flavours, the EnerGi Black Healthy Coffee, EnerGi Mocha Healthy Coffee and the EnerGi Blend Healthy Coffee. There are also three non coffee products, theEnerGi Choco Healthy Chocolate, the EnerGi Blast Healthy Energy Drink and the EnerGi Chai Healthy Milk Tea. All products are delivered in a pouch bag and there are 20 individual servings ‘sticks’ per pouch bag. In all of the products you’ll find two herbal extracts, ginseng and reishi. Ginseng is a herb that is classified as an adaptogen. The active ingredient found within the Ginseng root helps normalize imbalances within the body by increasing resistance to the harmful effects of physical, chemical and biological stress. Reishi is the Japanese name for the red mushroom and this herb is a powerful source of anti oxidants, and helps to balance and strengthen the immune system, and helps to eliminate body toxins.

The Compensation Plan

The Healthy Coffee USA business opportunity is a network marketing business model. To join the company, you have some choices, whether you are a coffee lover or you prefer more the energy products, you have the possibility to join as Diamond $499, as Platinum $299 or as Gold $99. To become a Distributor is FREE. Distributors must subscribe to the Software Back Office System (SBOS) to be an active Distributor. Shipping is not included. An Independent Distributor must be on $25 personal volume (PV) Autoship or $25 Preferred Customer volume Autoship to be active. A Platinum Distributor must be on $50 PV Autoship or $50 Preferred Customer volume Autoship and Diamond Distributor must be on $100 PV Autoship or $100 Preferred Customer volume Autoship to be active. With a low $25 personal volume or $25 Preferred Customer volume Autoship qualification, the attrition rate is kept to a minimum, and you are able to build true monthly residual income. Serious builders can earn 6 ways to get paid Weekly, plus 2 ways to get paid Monthy, to enable them to build a global business and achieve their dreams. As with any network marketing company, there are levels of advancement. With each level, the pay scale and bonuses increase.

The Summary

In conclusion, The Healthy Coffee USA is not a scam. It is a legitimate MLM company that offers real products to people and the opportunity to make money. If you want to thrive in the MLM industry, it is critical that you offer a product that is unique and one of a kind. Healthy Coffee USA is not the only MLM company that offers reishi in coffee or tea. What separates this company from the other? And like any business, success will be determined by the skill-set of the marketer. In my research there was hardly any sign of training and education on how to market the products. When it comes to internet marketing, you must learn to develop a strategic plan. It is one of the key elements to any type of business model.